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11 janar 2007 – PDSH, LPD, LKSH, PDK dhe LDI: Komunikatë kundër zgjedhjeve parlamentare serbe

From the group for information and cooperation with the media                                                                                                                   


In a meeting held on January 11th 2007, with different political groups, the societies that came out from the war of the ex-UCPMB and other associations that work in the Valley of Presheva, a discussion was held in connection with the Parliamentary Elections of Serbia on 21st January. From this meeting, after a full discussion and analysis of the current political situation that reigns in the Valley of Presheva, the following position was taken:




After this meeting a unanimous decision was taken to invite the Albanian electorate of Presheva, Bujanoc and Medvegja to boycott the Serbian Parliamentary Elections that will be held on 21st January 2007. In this meeting Albanian political groups against these Parliamentary Election such as: PDSH, LPD, LKSH, PDK, LDI, the societies that came out of the war and representatives from the diaspora, took part.


In this meeting a working group was also formed for coordination of further work until the day of the elections. For more information connected with the explanation for the boycotting of these elections, you will be informed in the coming days.


We are boycotting these elections because:


1. A vote in these elections, means denying freedom to Kosova.

We boycotted the new constitution of Serbia approved in October 2006. This constitution affirmed in its preamble that Kosova is and always will be an integral part of Serbia. We do not consider this constitution to be either legal or legitimate because it denies the will of the people of Kosova for self-determination. By voting in these elections, we would be accepting and affirming this unjust constitution.

2. A vote in these elections means denying the Platform of 2006

In the platform of January 2006, all the political representatives of the Presheva Valley signed an agreement that demanded the same rights as Serbs are being given in Kosova. In addition, in the event that the status of Kosova would be resolved with the changing of borders, we seek to be re-united with Kosova. Serbia is repressing our rights, and yet demanding rights for Serbs in Kosova. This platform should have been a condition for taking part in the elections.

3. A vote in the elections means accepting the treatment of Albanians in Serbia as unequal citizens.

Six years after the war in the Valley of Presheva, the Albanian people who live here are not treated as equal citizens. Despite the promises of the Çovic plan to transfer local security to a multi-ethnic police force, we still live under military occupation. The Serbian army and the Serbian special police units, ‘the Gendarmerie’, still patrol the Valley, and harass our people. Still our children have to study from Serbian books in school in order to pass qualifying exams. Students that go to university in Kosova or Macedonia, because they cannot study in Albanian in Serbia, have to pass extra exams in Serbia in order to have their diplomas recognized. Still we are denied fair investment and employment opportunities in public institutions and over 70% of our people are unemployed. Still we are denied the right to display our flag in our public institutions. This repression is occurring despite the existence of an institution, the Coordination Body, established with the so-called goal of protecting our interests. Serbia is institutionally repressing us, not protecting us. Albanians in the Valley of Presheva cannot take part in elections run by a state that does not recognize us as equal citizens.

4. Only by organizing and acting ourselves, will others help us

If we take part in elections, we are accepting the status quo, and weakening our resistance for our rights. If we act, by boycotting, we send a message about our determination to be free. Only if we are willing to act for our own freedom, will others act on our behalf.


From the group for information and cooperation with the media                                                                                                                   


  Preshevë: 15.01.2007

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  1. Angela thotë:

    Z.Edi populli stiqphar ne Shqiperi,Kosove,Maqedoni,Mal te Zi e Diaspore e njeh mire se kush eshte Sali bej Vucidoli.Ditet I ka te numeruara fale krimeve te tij e Familjes se tij ndaj shqipyareve dhe punes bindese e sqaruese te PS-se e Tuajes rreth veprimtarise vrasese-hajdute te Sali beut.Jua kujtoj I nderuar Zoteri se Saliu eshte pergjegjes per vrasjet e 21 Janarit,per vrasjen e Remzi Hoxhes,te Azem Hajdarit,etj,eshte pergjegjes per vjedhjen,shperdorimin e rrenimin e pasurise kombetare,djali I tij Shkelzeni eshte pergjegjes per Gerdecin e manipulimin e ceshtjes e friksimit te deshmitareve,eshte pergjegjes per vrasjen e Kosta Trebickes e shume abuzime me pushtetin e te jatit,e bija Argita eshte perfshire ne afera korruptive me Fazllicin e shume fazllice te tjere.Pra I nderuar Zoteri populli ju ka mbeshtetur e ju mbeshtet kunder vrases-hajduteve ne pushtet dhe nje nga Detyrat Tuaja Paresore pas marrjes se pushtetit eshte venia para pergjesise ligjore te ketyre vrases-hajdut e tradhetare .Respekte.

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